Notification of change in personal information

Member who requests to change the registered personal information may change the registered contents by e-mail or on the website of Personal Information Change in “Member My Page” according to the following contents.

Member who requests to change the following information should inform to by e-mail only to ECSJ secretariat;

  1. Member Information
    Member type (membership category), Name, Sex, Nationality, and Birth Date
    If you qualify to become a student member, please attach a copy of your student ID or proof of enrollment issued by the school. The membership fee will be changed from the next year.

Changes to the following items will be accepted by either “Member My Page” or by e-mail to ECSJ secretariat;

  1. E-mail address
  2. Institution (Work place)
    affiliation, status, position, address, telephone number etc.
  3. Home
    private address, telephone number, etc.
  4. Final Education
    A case that a higher degree is added to the educational background.
  5. Send to
    A case that the posting address is changed between home and institution.

Notification of withdrawal request
A member who wish to withdraw may contact the ECSJ secretariat directly by e-mail.