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Denki Kagaku [電氣化學・電気化学](Vol. 1-29)

Denki kagaku oyobi kōgyō butsuri kagaku [電気化学および工業物理化学] (vol.29-66)



Vol. 1, No.1 – Vol.15, No.5-8 (1933.7 – 1947.8): J. Electrochem. Assoc. Jpn.
Vol.15, No.9-12 – Vol. 29, No.5 (1947.12 – 1961.5): J. Electrochem. Soc. Jpn.
Vol. 29, No.6 – Vol.66, No.12 (1961.6 – 1998.12): Denki kagaku
Vol. 67, No.1 – (1999.1 –): Electrochemistry

About “Electrochemistry

The Electrochemical Society of Japan (ECSJ) publishes original articles and notes written in English or Japanese by authors active in the disciplines of electrochemistry and industrial physical chemistry, and in related industrial fields, along with reviews, commentaries, research materials, statistics and discussions aimed at the dissemination of new information and at continuing re-education.

Electrochemistry” has, over the years since 1933, achieved a respected position as a scholarly journal. This peer-reviewed journal publishes an average of 10 articles for each number, and special issues focusing on a certain topic are published twice a year. All articles are posted online and free access.

History of “Electrochemistry

1933. 7 A former journal of Electrochemistry; “Denki Kagaku(電氣化學)”, was launched (Vol.1, No.1). An official title of the journal in English was “The Journal of The Electrochemical Association of Japan”.
1947.12 The journal was renamed “The Journal of The Electrochemical Society of Japan” in English (Vol.15, No. 9-12).
1958.1 The journal title “電氣化學(Denki Kagaku)” changed from an old character style to a current character style; “電気化学”.
1958.3 “Journal of The Electrochemical Society of Japan (Overseas Supplementary Edition)” was firstly issued as an alternate version including English abstracts.
1961.6 The journal title in Japanese had been renamed “電気化学および工業物理化学(Denki kagaku oyobi kōgyō butsuri kagaku)”(vol.29, No.6). The abbreviated name “Denki Kagaku” continued to be used until 1998.
1970.1 “Denki kagaku oyobi kōgyō butsuri kagaku (Denki Kagaku)” began to accept English papers, and the “Journal of The Electrochemical Society of Japan” was evolved and merged to “Denki Kagaku” (Vol.38, No.1).
1999.1 “Denki kagaku oyobi kōgyō butsuri kagaku (Denki Kagaku)” was renamed “Electrochemsitry” in English (Vol.67, No.1). The ISSN code was updated.
2012.1 “Electrochemistry” has been issued in J-Stage as an Online Edition (Vol.80, No.1).
2018.1 The printed version of “Electrochemistry” was suspended. The online version includes only original academic and technical papers and is published bimonthly (Vol.86, No.1~).
2018.3 “Denki Kagaku(電気化学)” was newly established as a quarterly separated volume for the purpose of mutual exchange of academic activities and information among society members (Vol.86, Spring).

ISSN code

Denki Kagaku [電氣化學・電気化学]
Vol.1, No.1 – Vol. 29, No.5 (1933.7-1961.5)
 Print ISSN 0344-9440
Online ISSN 2434-2548

Denki kagaku oyobi kōgyō butsuri kagaku [電気化学および工業物理化学]
Abbreviation: Denki Kagaku
Vol.29, No.6 – Vol.66, No.12 (1961.6-1998.12)
 Print ISSN 0366-9297
Online ISSN 2434-2556

Journal of Electrochemical Society of Japan (Overseas Supplementary Edition)
Vol. 26, No.1-Vol. 37, No.4 (1958.3-1969.8)
 Print ISSN 0013-4678

Vol.67, No.1 – (1999.1 – 2017.12, Monthly, 2018.1 – present, Bimonthly)
 Print ISSN 1344-3542 (1999.1 – 2017.12)
Online ISSN 2186-2451 (1999.1 – present)

Denki Kagaku(2018) [電気化学]
Vol.86, Spring Issue- (2018.3 – present, Quarterly)
 Print ISSN 2433-3255 (2018.3 – present)
Online ISSN 2433-3263 (2018.3 – present)