Data unavailability of Electrochemistry papers on Web of Science

March 18, 2019

Members of The Electrochemical Society of Japan
Authors of the journal Electrochemistry

Notice: Data unavailability of Electrochemistry papers on Web of Science

Dear All:

At the beginning of 2018, the journal Electrochemistry published by The Electrochemical Society of Japan (ECSJ) was renewed as an electronic journal, and many academic papers of the journal have been published on the J-Stage platform.

In general, bibliographic information of each published paper is registered on various databases including Web of Science (WoS), SCOPUS, and Google Scholar. However, recently, Clarivate Analytics Co. Ltd (CA) building WoS informed us that registration of the bibliographic data of Electrochemistry papers to WoS has been interrupted since the beginning of 2018.

We have found the foil owing issues in this regard:

  • Since the articles published in Electrochemistry in 2018 (Vol. 86) or later have not been registered on the WoS database, those are not found by the WoS search engine.
  • Since the citation statistics of the Electrochemistry papers published in 2018 are not available for the calculation of2018 JCR Impact Factor (IF) scheduled in 2019, the number of the Electrochemistry papers in 2016-2017 cited by the Electrochemistry papers in 2018 will be excluded from the calculation. (However, this would lower the IF value by ca. 0.03.)

We have also found that CA was not aware of the renewal of Electrochemistry and that our PDF file format did not match the system of CA. We therefore addressed those issues immediately, and now expect that those bibliographic data will be available on the WoS searching system in about one month, and that the IF calculation for 2020 will be free from those issues.

We are very concerned about the inconvenience caused to the ECSJ members and the authors of Electrochemistry. In order to prevent recurrence of this situation, we will pay more attention to data management.

We appreciate your continued support to the Society and the journal Electrochemistry.

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