Faster Release of Advanced Online Publication for “Electrochemistry”

6th Oct. 2020 

The Electrochemical Society of Japan

Editorial board of “Electrochemistry” 

 Advanced Online Publication (AOP) process of Electrochemistry has been improved, and it is expected that the period from submission to publication will be shortened by approximately 3-4 weeks from October 8th by using the new functions of editorial registration system in J-STAGE of JST. Previously, the AOP of Electrochemistry was published using Corrected Proof after authors’ galley proofreading. It usually took about 4 weeks to publish from accepting to publication. By using J-STAGE’s new function for advanced online publication, the accepted manuscript will be published within a few days after accepting. As a result, the period from submission to publication will be shortened to 4-5 weeks totally.

 The new AOP process not only shortens the time to publication, but also enables author proofreading including bibliographic information published on J-STAGE by the uncorrected galley proof. This will lead to the collaboration of authors and publishers to prepare papers with even fewer errors. Based on the results of the peer-reviewing so far, it is often the case that it will be published in about two weeks after being submitted and accepted. The ECSJ expects for all to use Electrochemistry actively as a journal that can realize a rapid publication process.