2020 Annual Most Cited and Continuously Highly Cited Papers for “Electrochemistry”

February 4, 2021

Kenji Kano


Editorial Board of Electrochemistry

The Electrochemical Society of Japan


Recently, the Editorial Board of Electrochemistry informed the Journal Metrics Most Downloaded Papers, and continues to inform the annual most cited paper in 2020 and continuously highly cited papers from 1999 to 2020 in Electrochemistry as follows.


In all articles published since 1999(Vol.67) in Electrochemistry (including Advanced Online Published papers), the top 10 most cited papers in 2020 based on the access information of J-STAGE provided by JST. The articles which ranked in most cited papers in succession is moved to the continuously highly cited papers.


Annual Most Cited Papers

In the access information of J-STAGE provided by JST, the top 10 original papers (including reviews and comprehensive papers) that were cited most frequently in 2020 are listed. In the first year, 2021, all the top-ranked papers will be listed, and after 2021, the papers once top-ranked will be excluded from the list and moved to the list of continuously highly cited papers in the next section. Certificates are issued for the top ten most cited papers.


Continuously Highly Cited Papers

The articles which continuously ranked in the most cited papers are listed. In 2020, the top 10 papers that have been ranked continuously for five years since the establishment of “Electrochemistry (1999)”.  After 2021, the continuously highly cited paper will be moved.


The papers that issue the Certificate this time are as shown in the attached table. We will send the Certificate to the authors as a PDF file.


― 2020 Annual Most Cited Papers

― 2020 continuously highly cited papers


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2020 Journal Metrics and Most Downloaded Papers for “Electrochemistry”