Call for Papers: The 66th Special Feature of Electrochemistry

January 17, 2022

The 66th Special Feature of Electrochemistry

Novel Aspects and Approaches to Experimental Methods for Electrochemistry

Electrochemistry Editorial Board

The Electrochemical Society of Japan


Electrochemical measurements, established with Voltaic/ Galvanic Cell are based on the difference of electrochemical potentials of materials and the the reaction rate of electron transfer. Based on the data obtained from these measurements, numerous principles and techniques have been developed to elucidate the phenomena of electrochemical reactions, to evaluate materials, and to construct new theories.  In recent years, electrochemistry has become an indispensable tool for the development of many materials, from batteries and electrolytic reactions to the creation of electronic materials and devices. It has been further developed by many complementary theories and analytical techniques that are positioned to support basic electrochemical measurements such as spectroscopy, structural analysis and simulation, and computational chemistry.

Here, we call for papers that present new ideas and proposals on experimental methods, measurement methods, and techniques in electrochemistry, covering topics ranging from classical electrochemical measurements to innovative measurement methods and their theories, as well as the elucidation of the functions of materials and substances through complex interpretation with other analytical methods.

The 66th special feature is proposed by the Kansai Division of The Electrochemical Society of Japan (ECSJ), and is one of the projects of the 51st Electrochemistry Training Course to be held in the fall of 2022. This special feature will consist of comprehensive papers on the lectures given by the researchers in Kansai Division of The Electrochemistry Society of Japan, and articles, communications, and notes submitted by the researchers inside and outside the society who agree with the purpose of this special issue. Papers are welcome from researchers in any field, regardless of their individual ideas and innovations, such as new ideas and proposals for measurement and analysis methods, innovative electrochemical analysis methods or ideas leading to them, materials development in collaboration with other analysis, analysis, and calculation methods, use of AI and machine learning, and microanalysis. We also welcome any topic related to electrochemical reactions and materials, even if the measurement method is different from electrochemical measurement.

Please take this opportunity to present your research results as an open access paper. The members of the Kansai Division of The Electrochemical Society of Japan will participate in this special feature as guest editors.


Types of Papers

  • Article, Communication, Note, and Comprehensive Paper
  • Invited Comprehensive Papers are planned by the request of the Editorial Board.
  • Review papers must be recommended by the Society or the Society’s Committee.





Guest Editors

Hirohisa Yamada (Nara National College of Technology)

Kentaro Kuratani (AIST)

Kingo Ariyoshi (Osaka City Univ.)

Masaki Matsui (Hokkaido Univ.)


Publication procedure

Please refer to the website of the journal, where ORCID, Supporting Information, and Abstract Graphics are also available.

Please read Paper Submission Policy and Instructions for Authors carefully before submitting your paper.

Paper Submission Policy:

Instructions for Authors:


Article Processing Charge (APC)

The article processing charge (APC) is 150,000 yen (including VAT). However, members of the society are entitled to a 2/3 reduction of the article processing charge to 50,000 yen (including VAT). For details, please refer to the above submission guide.



  • Application for Submission: May 16, 2022 (Mon)
    Please fill out and submit the designated URL
  • Submission deadline: July 17, 2022 (Sun)
    Please read the submission instructions carefully and submit your paper electronically from the designated URL ( At the time of submission, please specify that the submission is for the 66th Special Issue on “Novel Aspects and Approaches to Experimental Methods for Electrochemistry”.
  • Peer-reviewing
    Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by two reviewers who are requested by the editorial board members, and the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript will be decided based on the results of the review.
  • Deadline for final version: September 20, 2022 (Tue)
    This is the deadline for submission of accepted manuscripts for which APC payment has been confirmed.
  • Advanced online publication
    Advanced online publication (AOP) will be performed in about 3 business days after the submission of the paper. Please note that the AOP version will be Accepted Manuscript or Uncorrected Proof which the author’s proofreading will be done in parallel with the AOP procedure.
  • Paper publication
    Normally the manuscript will be published in Vol. 90, No. 10, October 2022. The publication might be delayed depending on progress of peer review and revision. Early submission will be recommended as soon as possible.


Further information

For further information, please contact us by e-mail only.

From submission of paper to decision of publication:

Editorial Board of Electrochemistry ( ed.board-e[at] )

Various procedures after acceptance for publication

Editorial Office of the Journal of Electrochemistry ( ed.apc-e[at]